Let’s first define quality

How can we define quality?

Does it meet and exceed my expectations?... if the answer is yes, then it’s a quality product

Here at Idea we understand that the first step to provide a quality product is to understand the client’s needs and expectations before starting a project. In other words, to deliver a high quality product we need to understand the requirements from our client to mold the product to their needs and make sure that it would be suitable to their target audience and will achieve the ROI desired. In order to achieve this, crystal clear communication is key.

Quality in Language Services

Well... translation is pretty straight forward right…take a piece of content, translate it and presto!

Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated than that. In order to provide accurate content translation, the translator must understand and be proficient on the specific subject matter so it reads naturally as if it was written on that language from the get go. Therefore, besides expertise in the subject matter, you need the translator to be native in the target language, very proficient on the source language and have a clear understanding of what the client needs and what they want to get out of the translation.

A translator that is familiar with medical translation will do a great job in an article about spine surgery but very likely will not do as good with a truck engine manual or an economics essay because the set of skills required to do each of these tasks is different.

This is where we come into the equation. We make sure we pick the right team for your unique project. Through our proprietary project management system we can match the content you need translated to the most suitable translator and reviewer. In addition to this, we understand that content nowadays comes in all sizes and forms ...(and extensions), and you value that we make an effort to keep them in the same format, so we built a team of expert designers, programmers and engineers that can make sure the final product you receive will match the original format.

Quality Assurance

You heard about all the scary challenges involved in completing a quality translation. So how do we face this haunting task?

Here at Idea we believe in a concept called “Quality Assurance” instead of the traditional “Quality Control” approach. We make sure the process to complete a given task remains the same over time and that the process we apply is proven to work. Additionally, we are able to achieve savings by scaling and automating the process.

Now, is this process flawless? Well, although our error incidence is extremely low, we work with human professional translators that are, as any human being is, prone to make errors. However, this is where our guarantee comes in place. We guarantee that if you find an objective error on your translation we will have an independent reviewer go over the content to make sure the error is corrected and no other issues are found. This, of course, on us.

Our Certifications

Thanks to our proven translation system, that is fully traceable and leads to continuous improvement we have received ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038 Quality Management certifications that back how serious we take quality on the work we do.