WHAT WE STAND FOROur objective is to exceed our clients' expectations. The first step is to fully understand your needs at the time of requesting our content adaptation services. That means that we must first of all understand our client requirements with respect to the expected final product.

At first sight it seems hard to understand that a client could have a very wide spectrum of needs in reference to a translation. But there are various factors that could negatively affect the results of a translation job if we don't follow a certified quality process.

Our certifications
We have a quality process backed by world-class certifications including ISO 9001:2008 and the latest ISO certification for translation processes: ISO 17100.


Industry knowledge
Translating is not a simple task. It is mandatory to have specific knowledge in the subject matter of the text, audio or video, so the end product will be read or heard naturally in the target language. It is not the same to translate a medical file on surgery, than a manual for a modern harvester or a university essay on psychology; each field requires specific training and appropriate language. Selecting the correct translator is our first step in the search for the desired quality.

Variety of formats | Desktop Publishing
Another factor to keep in mind is the wide variety of file formats: programs, web applications, cellphone apps, and tablets... the possibilities are endless! That's why, Idea Translations counts with a team of programmers and designers that work together with the translators in order to ensure maintaining the original format.

Proof of quality
Once the adaptation of the content is finalized, our team navigates, back and forth, through the entire final project. In this manner, we are making sure that the translated version reads well,
interacts correctly with the rest of the site or the application that is being translated, and satisfies all the functionality requirements defined by the client.

Our content adaptation process takes place within the timeline defined beforehand with the customer, obviously respecting the agreed budget. This obviously applies the correct pressure to our Project Manager so the delivery takes place timely.

Quality control (quality assurance)
We work with a quality control process that includes automatic control software for spelling, grammar, and numerical and terminology consistency. We also verify the entire text to ensure a complete delivery.